Radio Deck

Easy radio automation for radio fanatics!

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Easy radio automation!

Cue and fade-over moments are automatically calculated when you add songs.

High Fidelity Sound

Using the market leading BASS components, all major file types are supported like MP3, FLAC, WAV & OGG all up to 32 bits

Flexible Playlist

Play your playlist in an easy to use live-assist or in automatic mode. Build your own or use automaticly generated playlists.


Easy configurable timers make sure news, promo's and other events are broadcasted on time.


Radio Deck integrates seamlessly with your professional studio equipment. For selected vendors also native support.

No difficult setup

Radio Deck is easy to use and configurate

Adding content, downloading audio files, schedule commercials, news, promo's, weather reports. Everything is easy to automate.
No database setup is needed and with only a piece of javascript on your website, your listeners know whats playing.

Native AirLite support

The AirLite mixer is a modern radio mixer for a very attractive price. This new hand built piece of precision equipment is the result of more than 42 years of experience at D&R.

A native connection to this mixer makes sure that any starting (internet) radio station has all the tools necessary to start a successful station!

  • 16 button control support, with feedback
  • Automated non-stop mode incl. soundcard switch
  • Fader/trigger starts, and cue
  • Buy D&R AirLite